Week Three, We’re Almost At the End.

Weekly Summary Week 3

Welcome to the end of Week Three. Not the most interesting week besides having time to play a video game and fix my messed up gifs. I did get to go to my sister’s high school to watch her get about a dozen scholarships and, for the first time, none of the staff thought I was a freshman who was skipping school or was there to support my older sister. Other than that, huh, I just watched the Comey Hearing and studied for what I always study for: Praxis, Summer Classes, and Japanese. Also, freaking out about Black Panther Trailer, because, yes, can’t wait. It was fun and I finally figured out how to get Google Docs to write in a different language. Let’s get started on this summary, okay?

The week’s hardest assignment award goes to my SoundEffect Story. I might have gone a little overboard with layering because it took about four hours for me to get it the way that I envisioned it. I played around with several different stories, including one where she doesn’t die in the end and just hears this sound. But, I decided to cut that idea and stick with my original “this is her last sound” story. I think it ended up pretty well, but I wish I had been able to get photos of my work. Nonetheless, it was my favorite thing to complete this week. I love telling stories and watching the final product unfold.

Speaking of audio assignments, it’s time to figure out what you were listening to!

For our backward song, we have the ever classic Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life. One of the first songs I ever listened to on YouTube as a newly aged teenager.

Our song without vocals is Ludo’s Anything For You. I started listening to this song when I had to walk from Eagle Landing to Trinkle. It kept me happy while I dealt with a bad roommate.

I also had another audio assignment, a RingTone Assignment that I decided to turn into an alarm clock. It wasn’t my best work, I can promise you that, and I kind of wish I’d played around with it a little more.

But, let’s move onto the daily creates of this week. From Obama Poems to Reapers invading a Nordic Meeting, I felt the same way I felt last week. Nothing needs to make sense, it just needs to happen and we’re all good with it. Especially Blackhole Baymax Latte, now that would make the end of the universe as we know it a lot better. I mean, everyone’s cried during Big Hero 6, right? Speaking of the end of the universe, there was also our Peace Daily Create.


These were all kind of related by accident.


Yeah, no, I just wanted an excuse to include this weird thing. (It’s just so glorious.)

Okay, so after the daily creates, how about we talk the summaries of Ira Glass and Jad AbumradTED Radio Hour and ScottLo, and Moon Graffiti. They each were entertaining in their own ways and helped me to understand audio storytelling. I especially enjoyed Moon Graffiti, as it influenced some of my influences in my own sound effect story. My passion for space grew after listening to it, though it might only be observing.

Last but surely not the least, I made a lot of first contacts late this week! I’m one who never makes comments because I would just keep repeating myself about how amazing it is (because it is!) but I focused and got to writing.

So that’s been the third week. We’re heading into the fourth week, which I’m going to guess consists of video making. I hope my computer decides to be nice and let me download whatever program we’re supposed to be using because I am not about to spend days trying to work with Windows Movie Maker.

I’ve done it.

It is not the best experience.

At all.

Good night.

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