Making First Contact.

Commenting and Such on Other Blogs.

I feel like an alien.

Okay, yeah, that’s a weird way to start out a blog post, especially with that title.

I’m not an alien.


Anyway, this week I made my first comment¬†on a peer’s blog. It deserves some celebration. It feels like, uh, the first day you log onto Facebook and you add your first friend. Look at me, I know how to comment on things.



The post¬†I commented on featured an adorable sticky note gif about a cat that likes clawing at sticky notes. I really hope I can figure out what is wrong with GIMP, because now I really want to create something like that! Though, as stated in the comment, I’d probably need a new set of sticky notes. Or I could go diving into that “school supply” drawer that we have at home.

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