The Spooky Hand on the Moon.

Week 3 Reading РMoon Graffiti 

As this audio journey began, I was sucked into the time of Neil and Bud, sitting right behind them on the ship in space, wondering what was wrong. Everything felt enclosed, as if I couldn’t move and really might not want to. Then, in a snap, I landed back on Earth in an early movie theater with a voice describing the events. The music dripped throughout this monologue¬†and began sounding like a science show.

At this point, I knew exactly where I was: The Dome at the Science Museum. I’ve watched space movies on IMAX there before and stared in awe at the full roof movies. All of this from a few minutes of sounds. I waited, closed my eyes, and let myself sit back as the commercial faded out and Bud and Neil came back. With The Dome still in my head, I pictured myself more as a viewer than a participant. A camera comes around a re-enactment of Bud and Neil while the voiceover of their voices plays.

Nonetheless, it still feels scary. The music fades out and it’s a story again. Just two men on the moon talking as they realize how amazing this experience is. Forget about the near death experience and write all over the moon. It becomes nothing but beauty in my eyes as they act like children on the moon. Let’s look. Explore. Watch in wonder. Imagine yourself there, what would you have written? How long would you have chatted away about all the work you took to get here.

And then that moment happens. A moment of fear that grabs your heart because you were listening to a man wonder about near-death experiences. But it calms down and you’re reminded of the beauty, of how this is something amazing that they can only wonder about. What does it all mean? Why did man have to go to the moon? Where the looking for something? No, just looking. Always looking.

The podcast ends with more narrative, answering the men’s questions. They had a reason for wandering and wondering. The music comes and we have ended this podcast. It felt amazing and the story rang as if it were true.

It makes me want to go to the moon.

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