More Contacts for Week Four.

Comments for Week Four.

I made my first comment on this blog. The video was adorable and felt like a video one might see on a college website encouraging students to attend the school.

The second comment I made on this blog post. It was a very amazing travel guide and I felt excited to go along with the adventure.

My third comment was on this blog post about walking. Now, it might not sound that exciting, but it was actually a unique perspective that I’ve been looking at. Now I kind of just want to track how I walk around and such.

Finally, my fourth comment took place on this blog post. The way the post was written allows oneself to be transported into the seat of an audience member and really analyze the scene that’s been given at the start of the blog post. 

I hope I was a good contact! That does sound weird. Like a spy movie. I could be in a spy movie, right?

Probably not.



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