Look at this, Listen to that, and Analyze what?

Look, Listen, and Analyze.

I chose to look, listen, and analyze¬†Ocean’s Twelve “Oh He’s Mean” Scene.

First, I looked at the video with the volume off.

The¬†camera is weirdly aimed at the person in bed as if we the audience were keeping this man company. The transition is tough when he turns on the light and suddenly there’s a door and another man. I’m unsure of who is the main character at the point, I think it’s the younger man, as he beckons the second man in. The camera switches to a movie and then the two sitting down with wine. They’re tired. They’re discussing something important, but it’s being downplayed by their emotions and the way they hold themselves. The younger man is more relaxed by how he’s holding himself while the older man is just going along with this because he needs to have the discussion but is getting into the show on the small television.

Secondly, I listened to the video with the screen minimized.

That’s the sound of a hotel bed. It’s no doubt in my mind. The crunch of the blankets that have had too many guests in them and makes you wonder if the maid cleaned your room or just left it as is but pulled up the comforter and said “There.” As soon as I heard that, I knew someone was moving in a hotel bed and getting up to the call. Yeah, the phone lets’s one know that he’s in a hotel, a foreign hotel at that. Is this a spy movie? I feel like this is a spy movie. Both men sound tired and I still can’t tell who was the person who was just awoken. The conversation is much for heartfelt than when I listened without audio. It’s an entirely different feel. They’re still tired, but it feels more emotionally drained. They probably don’t understand the movie they’re watching, seeing as it’s not in English.

Finally, I put them both the audio and video together to get the entire scene.

It’s the older man who wakes up, I finally realize. You can see his hair and the way he moves as he is the one getting up and going to the other’s room. I don’t understand why the time is so important, but I think the call was a way of messing with the older man. Still, I don’t know what the conversation is about, but I think that it’s about another spy who was in a relationship with the younger man. At some point, I’m pretty sure the voices don’t go with the video. Overall, I think this feels complete with both the audio and video.

Overall, I think different senses tell different stories and bringing them together also makes a new story.

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One thought on “Look at this, Listen to that, and Analyze what?

  1. Nice! I enjoyed your the way you described parts of the assignment, the visual and audio, and then how you do two when you viewed the film segment in its entirety.

    I found this assignment particularly challenging.I had a difficult time describing the various visual aspects of the clip that I view. Visually mine was filled with so many different camera angles, cuts, switches, and transitions that it became a challenge to keep up with. I particularly found it difficult to describe what I was seeing because I lacked the depth of vocabulary required. How did you find this part of the assignment?

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