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Summary of TED Radio Hour and ScottLo.

For the ScottLo Episodes, I listened to the first one. At first, I thought this would be a parody of some sort as he began, especially with how bored and unsure he sounded. In comparison to what Ida Glass talks about, I felt as if he did not have a basis for his story and should have decided this beforehand. Nonetheless, the first two minutes had passed by without much activity and, rather, I felt bored, but decided to stick it out to try and understand what he is trying to say or teach.

As it continued, he seemed less confident about his dialogue and stuttered over his words, though he continued and tried to make his idea sound like it could work. Then at the five-minute mark, he decided to start thinking of this as a show and started plotting everything out. I think the first episode was more of an episode zero or a pilot of his series so that anyone listening would get who he was and also what he wanted to do in this series. By the end, he sounded like he had come full circle and decided his main purpose, doing exactly what Ida Glass had stated in his second video.

I then began the TED Radio Hour and felt the immediate excitement the narrator had until I realized it was a very usual voice that I hear on YouTube. At that point, I tried to ignore that and went to try and enjoy the show. As soon as the music came on, I felt like it was a television show or one of those shelter commercials and I was afraid that the robot was going to die. The music really carried the entire show and I started getting interested in the idea of the show, though the voice kind of got annoying along the way.

Nonetheless, both audios taught me how having an idea beforehand is important, but can be made up after talking about an idea for a long time, and that music can set a scene and allow a person to be transported into some plane of thought.

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