An Alien on Earth (More First Contacts)

Comments of Week 3

Guess who knows how to make comments on things? This little alien that is me.

Yes, I am pretty sure this week is Mass Effect themed. I only played it once this week, and I’ve only finished the first one. (Got really scared to do the Suicide Mission and still haven’t picked up Legion with one of my Shepards.) Anyway, this week we were required to do five comments on five individual blogs. It was hard to come up with constructive criticism, with everyone being so great and all, but I wrote things and here those things are.

Comment 1 This post was a sound effect story about a NASCAR accident. Listening to it, you can get really into what happens and I enjoyed listening to it.

Comment 2 This post had puns and was a response to this comedy audio assignment. I love puns, hate the word onomatopoeia, and it was overall a fun little audio.

Comment 3 Another sound effect story, I really was not ready for the sounds. I had to stop it when the sound first went off. There was no way to improve it. Except for the mute button, because I will never go camping in the woods.

Comment 4 One more sound effect story (because I enjoyed listening to them so much!), this one took place in a grocery story and, though, I may have heard it wrong the first time, I get a full story about someone going to the supermarket and being the only one there. It felt like I was exploring a single person the entire time and what they heard.

Comment 5 My final comment of the week took place on the beach on another sound effect story. This story took me on a plane, which I have never been on, and let me relax on the beach. The waves were loud and felt ready to come crashing over me any second. It was relaxing and a fun experience.

Look at that, five comments by the end of the week. Hope I was a good first contact!

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