One Final Story (The Story)

Final Project – Stuck in the Gutter of Boredom

This is yet another normal, boring day for Neil. Sitting in the gas station, sipping on something he grabbed from the back room that didn’t have a large sticker on it, and listening to the rain outside. It’s just Greenhill’s Red Hound Gas Station. Nothing ever happens here. Even if the sign reads like something interesting must have happened here. The only interesting thing that ever happened was when a girl walked in without shoes, grabbed four bags of Doritos, three Slushies, and five packs of gum and said her name was Billy. That was it. Two years ago.

Wow, he’s been working here for two years now. Started at sixteen, worked until eighteen, and probably going to work here for the next five years until he decided to do something with his life. Yeah, that’s a pretty good joke. Do something with his life. He’s not going to college, he’s not going to leave Greenhill. He’s stuck here in the world of dread and annoying. He flips through the newspaper in his hand and stares at the news article.


Did, did he just hallucinate that entire article? He rereads it again, scratches his head, and then flips the page. Now he just wants whatever food is in the picture. It looks expensive. Way too much for a gas station clerk. Especially one inside a gas station with barely anyone walking in. Just a normal day. He sighs and goes back to his sipping, yawning after each one. He can’t help it. It’s the sound of boredom.


He stares at the person entering. A tall, unknown man with a sledgehammer. Does that count as a weapon? Is he about to be robbed? Wow, that would make the day so much worse. But interesting, he has to admit as he watches the man walking up and down the aisles, grabbing something from each shelf. It could just be some guy looking for work in Greenhill. That always happens. It’s a boring town. Come and go, don’t even take a train to get here. It’s a drive thru town, not a stay-and-sit place. He glances at the television and switches the channel from the static. That’s a normal channel to see in Greenhill. Static. Switch. Television. Static. Switch. News. Boring. Boring news. It could make a nice card. “Welcome to Greenhill, the origin of the term boredom. Watch static. Eat gas station tacos. Wonder if you’re hallucinating the amount of cares a news writer gives.” 

He sighs and stares at the man, still grabbing everything off the shelf nearest to the counter. He could keep his mouth shut. He could just let the man walk out if he wants and not ask anything. Stay silent. Live until fifty. Maybe regret living until fifty. Already regrets living until eighteen. What’s the worse that could happen? What’s the worst that already has happened?

He squeezes his face and smirks. “So what’s with the sledgehammer?”

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To find out how this story and all media used were made, make sure to read “the making of” post.

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