What is a Ringtone?

Audio Assignment Week 3 – # 3 Make Your Own Ringtone


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As someone who always has her phone on silent, a ringtone really has no place on my phone. Really the only sound that comes out of my phone is an alarm to wake me up in the morning. Those ringtone sounds make up my alarm, so when I made this ringtone, I went through a lot of the alarms that I use on my phone. I recall thinking that both a ringtone and an alarm have something in common: they’re trying to get your attention. You either have to wake up to turn it off or you have to answer the phone. So that’s the main thought that went into this. It has to be annoying while also being something a person wouldn’t just delete as soon as they heard it. I mean, everyone has those sounds on their phone that you never touch.

For this, I played with the tones given by Audacity under Generate. Chirp, Noise, and Tone. I also decided to play around with using it for a character, seeing as she has an alarm clock that’s bit broken. This is not a character that has been talked about before, so let’s give a little background on her. She lives in a post-apocalyptic world that doesn’t really know that it’s post-apocalyptic. Yeah, that sounds about right. Anyway, I wanted the tones to create a ringtone or alarm that she uses on a daily basis to wake her up.

First I chose the Tone, Chirp, and Noise, inversing the Chirp so that it got higher.

I then played around with the Pitch of both the Tone and Noise.

I then decided to add the WahWah to the Tone to make it sound a little broken as if it had been thrown against something when it was supposedly “broken”. Because it sounded like a rational idea at 2 in the morning.

But even then it sounded like an ambulance of some sort and decided to take out the Chirping and add in the music used in this post. It made it sound more like a broken old radio. It made it sound cute while also sounding broken, so I decided to keep it like that. It would either wake someone up or cause them to start having the weirdest dreams. Hopefully, it sounds as good as I think it does.

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One thought on “What is a Ringtone?

  1. This seems like it was a pretty cool assignment and I wish I had come across more people that had done it or that I had even found it to complete myself. I am with you though, I barely every have my phone making a noise, it stays on vibrate until the alarm has to wake me up in the morning. I think this was a pretty cool idea for the tone and the reasoning behind your choices for the tone was interesting. I thought you hit it spot on though. It has to be something that is annoying enough to grab our attention, but also not something that is so annoying we would want to delete it.

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