That moment when you have to take a photo with your toes.

Spuddle Assignment Week 1 –¬†Your Very Own Spubble

Story time: I hate taking photos of myself. That’s it. That’s the story. Yet, here I am, in front of a camera, once more for a class. Wait, that sounds weird. What I’m trying to say is that when a class requires a photo of some sort, I have a little anxiety and try my best to hold off on the photo as long as possible. However, this summer I decided to try something new this summer and actually get over my anxiety that I have around cameras. One step at a time, though. So here’s the first photo. I’ve got most of my face covered except for one eye. In order to do this, though, I had to get a little creative with how I took the photo. Thus, the caption. I did indeed need to use my toe in order to take this. Amazing and gorgeous, right? Somehow the photo made my fingers look extremely long, which they are in fact not. Sometimes I’m surprised by how small my hands are. Anyway, if another selfie is required, you can bet this sort of theme will be returning.

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