My Bucket List – Summer 2017

Visual Assignment Week 1 – # 2 Bucket List


This summer productivity is the main focus on my little adventure. Each of these blocks deals with what I wish to accomplish this summer. Let’s go on an adventure now, shall we?

Firstly, I’ve always wanted to study Japanese since high school but never found the time due to other language requirements. I plan to work on my Japanese each day, which includes working on both my speaking and also writing.

The second photo shows a friendship bracelet. My bucket list includes keeping in contact with my friends while also making new ones. I’ve already accomplished this in some sort of way, but I don’t think this part of the Bucket List can ever be completed!

The largest photo of them all shows lightning coming from a pair of hands. This reminds me of superheroes. This summer I plan to write a few stories about superheroes and am currently working on the outline for a long story idea. I hope to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) as I have done every summer.

The fourth photo shows a globe. This is a larger goal of mine, to travel. I’ve made friends in four of the seven continents and hope to visit them all one day!

And, finally, the last photo is a broken mirror. In the long run, I want to enhance my self-esteem and self-confidence that I have not nourished in years. I’ve already started this journey and plan to continue it throughout my life.

Though I may not complete these bucket list entries, I plan to work on them during this summer and possibly complete some. These will become part of my normal days. Wish me luck!

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