The Origin of Space Doggo

Design Assignment Week 2 – # 1 Are We There Yet?

What do I love more than space? My dog, as is possible to see the many posts that he exists in. Then I thought, why not combine the duo? Thus, Space Doggo was born! I laid out the background from simply searching “computer space backgrounds” and came across this. I then found a picture of my dog sitting and staring off into nothing. Perfect. I cropped and erased the background of the living room that my dog (original below) had been sat in and switched him to look the other day. I then added a circle to make it look like a, what are those things called, because I can’t remember and I just called it a bubble. What are those called, though? Give me a minute. A helmet. An astronaut helmet. I like space bubble better. Anyway, I just put it over his face as an overlay and enlarged him, so he was more in the foreground than the background. And, yeah, that’s the story of Space Doggo, exploring space since 2013.

Just a normal day for him and a normal day for me.

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