Review of Visual Resources

  1. Change My Perspective By Changing Yours: Find different and unique points of view. Look down, up, lay down on the ground. Seek perspectives of lines.

I decided to quite literally change my perspective by getting down on my hands and knees to take a picture of my sister’s cat. I simply found the cat standing still for a few moments, go right in front of her, and snapped a few photos with my phone while she just stared in a trance. Yet, after about five photos she just got up and left, leaving me to get up off the kitchen floor and actually look at the photos. I decided the best one is the one below.

I think it worked to get a little closer to her and it made me wonder what she was thinking about. As shown in the photo below, she didn’t look directly at the phone when I took this picture, instead, is peering off to the other side. She looks confused. I’ve taken photos of her before, but not from such a close angle. Overall, I think the advice given in this section can work if used with an actual camera and also expects the reader to be exploring and being around interesting events. It also helped me pick the photo when it came to becoming pickier. Some of the photos were blurry, as I had taken them quickly in this moment. Other than those really simple techniques, most of the list felt more advanced and required more thought than I had time for.

I guess that’s just normal for these summer days of rain and hail.

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