Superman vs Batman: Justice of Dawn

Design Assignment Week 2 – # 3 Minimalist TV/Movie Poster

Hey, so I saw this design assignment and my head instantly thought of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Not going to lie, the plot reminds me of Captain America Civil War, but not with a lot of build up.

That being said, I liked that last year’s two movies with similar plots had superheroes fighting after being manipulated by an “average” person. Of course, Lex Luthor isn’t a Zemo, who just wants revenge for his family. Really, Lex just sounds like a fanboy who wants his two favorite superheroes to duke it out on national television.

There’s nothing personal.

At first, when I was designing this, I wanted to include “Martha” somewhere, but I decided against it.

Instead, I made it look like a movie poster that Lexcorp was funding. But it also has a second layer as I described above. Lex isn’t a Zemo, he’s a powerful man with money who wants to make this movie happen. He wants Superman to kill Batman. He’ll spend however much money is necessary to make this fight happen. Yet, Batman nor Superman realize this until much later in the film, thus they fought inside a box not realizing the outside influence.

They’re part of a bigger picture than they think they are. Thus, I used two boxes, with the smaller one matching their symbols’ colors and the larger one being much lighter.

Just me thinking about movies on a normal day, I guess.

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