I Spell Love L-U-C-K-Y.

Video Assignment Week 4 – # 1 What Do You Love? 



Number of Stars: 1 Star - Easy Peasy2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars - Really Frickin Hard

This is called pure self-indulgence. I love my puppy, wow, it’s just that I love him enough to take hundred of photos of him. I know I’ll probably regret it later on, but I just love him so much. Even when my day is bad, I still have him staring at me from across the room (like he just did right now before running off to go look out a window). He had a lot of problems when he came to us, most of which he has not had to deal with in a while. Each of these photos I always keep a dozen saves on my computer and the videos have been seen over ten times at least every year. Yeah, it might look choppy, mainly because I was having problems with MovieMaker deciding to warp sound and at one point erasing the sound altogether.

I started with the title screen and added all the video that I could. I wanted to make when the vocals were softer a bunch of photos so you could see him actually standing still, which he does not do that often. He always has a tendency to look away from the camera, unless he’s on the stairs or just got a new haircut (He has to get one next week, but shh, don’t tell him!).

By the end of the song, I realized that the lyrics suddenly faded and the music got hyper and happy, so I decided to have the videos go at 8x. It was like watching him run around chasing someone. Cute, cute, and ultra cute. As the song came to a close I decided to do one last video of him just staring (because he knows he’s the best in the entire universe) and then sits down in his cute Snoopy bed (which we do not own anymore due to things).

The credits roll the same way they did with my lyric video, and I added the last two cards to make sure the question at the beginning of the video answers in words.

This is by far my favorite thing. It might not be my best, but I love my Lucky and anything he does. Even when the world looks bad or I’m depressed, I’m just…I really love him. I just can’t help it.

I mean, what would you expect of me? My love for my dog transcendences the stars in most cases.

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3 thoughts on “I Spell Love L-U-C-K-Y.

  1. I love how you did this assignment! I loved the topic and the description of the assignment. I will say that when I tried to play your YouTube video it came up with as, ‘video unavailable’. How did you insert the assignment’s rating as stars?

    1. Sorry about that, it needed to be listed as “unlisted” in order to be played instead of private! To insert the assignment’s ratings I just highlighted the stars on the assignment, copied, and then pasted them in. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! And he looks like a tiny Chewbacca, lol! I have hundreds of pictures and videos of my dogs too — I love them to the moon and back. They might be funny looking, old, and smelly but dang it they’re my babies. One of our dogs came to us with a chronic problem too (her eyes don’t make tears, like at all) so I’m really glad your Lucky is healthy and happy. 😀
    I kinda like the choppiness of the video. From the very beginning with Lucky wiggling around on his back, he seems like a real goober, so the video being choppy has this sort of “I’m fun, fast, and on the go” vibe. Plus the A Teens poppy cover of a song that’s usually slow.

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