I put my hand out, and they swing!

Gif Assignment Week 2 – # 2 Best Sports Play



I have been having trouble installing GIMP, so I have scoured most of the Internet finding different ways to make a gif.

For this gif, I used Make a Gif, a website where you can upload a video and pick what you want the gif to look like. There was a sports category, and I love the Orioles as a sports team, so I created this gif out of their season highlights.

Now, 2016 was a terrible year. A lot of celebrities died, an idiot was elected to run the country, and I never got to go to Baltimore for a game like I do every year. Each of these highlights was captured without my presence, which, just makes me more enthusiastic to go to one this summer.

They might be a major league baseball team, but they’ve been the underdogs for a while. That’s what I love the most about them. Ever since I was a kid, I went to their games, met them personally, and enjoyed being the cute kid holding up a baseball daring a grown man to say no to me.

I almost got my hand stuck in a car window because of this, but, hey, who doesn’t suffer for their art?

My point is that the underdogs’ best plays are the best “best plays” and deserve every moment highlighted, thus I created a gif of a home run. Because every “best play” feels like a home run whenever I watch this video.

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One thought on “I put my hand out, and they swing!

  1. I love this post. All the gifs make it feel so lively, and your commentary throughout makes them all so relevant. I’ll admit that as soon as I saw a baseball gif at the top of the entry I thought, “omg, will it be Bryce Harper getting hit in the butt and starting that fight?” My family is torn between the Nats and the O’s. I hope you get to go to a game this summer!!! I’ve never been to an Orioles home game.

    I’ve had some problems with GIMP this week too. Maybe I’m gonna have to Bryce it. >:)

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