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Design Assignment Week 2 – # 5 Favorite Movie Quote


As I said prior to this post, I am currently attempting to write a novel length story. This story’s main character is a twenty-something-year-old woman who is newly appointed a guardian of sorts and receives a few lessons in magic. It also takes place within the same city as a bunch of superheroes. Thus, I think a lot about Scarlet Witch.

ne of the few witches in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if not the only. I also looked at Zatanna and John Constantine, since I loved Justice League Dark.

I don’t know, I’ve just had an interest in magic in a different setting than the medievalĀ or modern verse. Like sci-fi, oh that’s a fun story, but, anyway, I loved this quote because she finally realizes how stupid it is to care about what everyone thinks. It’s a good quote to live by for an everyday use.

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  1. I did this assignment this week as well. It was cool to see what other people chose as their favorite movie quotes. Nice job!

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