Book Covers?!

Design Assignment Week 2 – # 2 Noir/Pulp Book Cover

First thing first, I love making book covers. When I had taken a digital photography class before, we had to decide on a theme for our website, I decided on book covers. In the past few years, I have begun using a site known as Canva, which allows me to create all types of book covers and other pieces that I am quite proud of. How I usually go about this process is find one of the free pictures available on the website and come up with a story from it, which is what I did most of my prior summer. For this one, I scoured deep into the photos and found a picture of a window and then looked around for a title to fit in. I then came across this site to generate a title and thought, perfect.

Looking out the window, here is the broken city. The main character has been in their room, trying to avoid the outside world, but when they are accused of a murder in their apartment, they will have to journey outside and discover the world around them or face the death sentence. Welcome to the Broken City, may your walk not end in murder.

I just came up with that. Amazing, right? I think it was good. Just a normal thing I can do, I guess.

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