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Audio Assignment Week 3 – # 1 Reverse Audio Quiz

Number of Stars: 1 Star - Easy Peasy2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars - Really Frickin Hard

This, this is a song I’m sure so many of you have heard. Whether on youtube, in a store, or just staring into the abyss wondering why you’re listening to this song. I’ve had this song since middle school, where I had been very stupid enough to purchase a CD of this very famous, meme song. You should be able to get it within the first sixteen seconds, especially if you watched this song on youtube and watched the credits roll. It might sound like a demonic summoning, but don’t be deterred!

Listening to this I like it better backward.

So, let’s write out your three clues if it was not clear in the paragraph above us.

  1. Middle school “emo” phase. If you didn’t have one, you’re very lucky.
  2. If this doesn’t kill you, then congrats, if I die from this song, you’ll have to ________.
  3. This song became a meme in 2015 and gets called something that isn’t actually the song title, which can start arguments on the Internet (who knew!).

Leave your comments with your guess, and we’ll update this at the end of the week to see who got it right!

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